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Providing vCIO and IT support without the excessive overhead

24x7 Customer Support

We ensure that your calls and support requests remain as Priority ONE in our business acumen. We have ticketing systems and you as our customer can pick up the phone and reach one of our trained engineers or email and IM the engineer that is assigned to your projects/company. We are proud of our support and this sets us apart from our competition.

Cloud Solutions

iSectra has cloud solutions that can be tailored for your business. We understand, the word “cloud” has been loosely used by many IT service providers and it has been made complicated so that customers end up paying for services they did not need in the first place.

iSectra will do it right! We work with you to first understand what you are doing today in your business and then based on that we propose a Cloud Solution that brings direct ROI to you – not just dollars, but also value and a worry free IT.

Our cloud solutions entail the following:

  • Server and PC virtualization
  • Migration to your “specific need” cloud – private, public or hybrid
  • Line of Business Software migration to the cloud
  • Document Management in the cloud
  • Remote back-up and restore for disaster recovery/business continuity

Why Cloud? There are many resources online that discuss this topic. We recommend some of these resources that explain this technology in terms that can be easily understood.



Your business systems (servers, PCs, software, mobile phones) need to be up and running – all the time, every time. It needs to be scalable so that it can grow with your business or scale down as you optimize without having to re-invest in IT. We know it. We have been there ourselves! Our customers have asked us why they had to redo their datacenters because Microsoft or Apple or IBM and other IT companies introduced new systems, retiring the older versions. One answer to this ever challenging and moving target is virtualization.

Virtualization is the ability to take multiple physical machines and create virtual environments in 1 (or more) physical servers. This has many benefits

  • You are not dependent on your physical machines as they are now “virtual” in our state of the art datacenters.
  • As the world of IT moves ahead, upgrades to our datacenters does not affect your virtualized environment
  • Our servers are 99.9% up and running. So your business is up and running 99.9% of the time.
  • Virtualizing your current environment allows your systems to be “cloud ready” – so if you decide to move your IT infrastructure to our cloud then it is just a matter or making that journey without having to reinvent the wheel
  • There are several other added benefits
    • Reduced floor space and power requirements
    • Highly scalable architecture as you are not limited by the physical machine on which your servers are running – they are virtualized into files!
    • Business continuity during those snow days or blackouts or other natural disasters outside of our control – just COPY AND PASTE your up-to-date and backed up virtualized server files and your servers are up and running on another datacenter.
    • Get confident that you can operate your business from anywhere
    • Best of all – REDUCE COSTS significantly over time with virtualization – recognize ROI in a short period of time.

If you need help in this please Contact Us and we will be happy to walk you through an ROI calculator!

LOB (Line of business application) Migration to the Cloud


Operate your business from the cloud. We have expertise to migrate almost any application to the cloud. It does not matter which version you are running.

  • Microsoft Dynamics – GP/Nav
  • SAP Business One
  • Quickbooks/Peachtree
  • Custom ERP systems
  • Legacy software
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Sharepoint Services
  • Microsoft SQL Server

Why operate in the cloud?

  • 99.9% uptime – that means that you are confident that your IT systems and resources are always running and available so you can concentrate on your core business
  • Scalability – grow your business without having to worry about what will happen to my IT investments – consider it as a cell phone plan – if you need more minutes get a better plan – no need to buy new phones or get new contracts!
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery – you can check off these projects as complete once you move to the cloud. This is part of our solution! Our data centers are backed up and we have done numerous restore tests to ensure that you are always up and running no matter how your local area is affected.

Why iSectra for your “cloud” migration?

We believe that migration to the cloud is a journey and not just a destination. We create a well laid our plan that we discuss with you every step of the way and unless we are both confident and agree on all the parts we do not start. In the end you will find trust and faith in our approach. Your business systems are as important to us as it is to you and more so because we will manage it for you. They are now part of the iSectra family of servers and systems.


Remote Backup/Restore

Are you worried that your backups are not a 100% and have you asked your IT provider to show you that the restores will work perfectly so you can be up and running in a matter of hours in case of emergencies? We have been surprised so many times that large companies did not have a well laid out back- up and restore plan. It is one of those things that you never worry about till you are faced with it and then it is too late.

iSectra uses state of the art Microsoft certified back-up and restore technologies. Your data and systems are securely and safely backed up (at intervals that make sense for your business) in our data centers.

We can restore most systems in just a few hours and more importantly if the need arises you can work directly from our datacenters on your backed-up data.

Talk to us about your fears and we assure you that we will win your confidence. Contact us to start a dialog.

Type of cloud for my business

Which is right for my business – Let us help – Just Ask Us.

Private Cloud

This is how most companies operate today. They have servers, PCs, smartphones, laptops, home computers running in a “managed” or “un-managed” network or networks. Data is spread out across systems, networks, homes and when documents, systems are needed they are “difficult” to find.

You can move your systems to a Private Cloud. A private cloud utilizes virtualization and cloud services to centralize all your servers, PCs, file systems into 1 or more physical machines so that any document, any system can be access from anywhere in the world – your office, your home, on a plane, on your iPhone, ANYWHERE.


  • Your applications, systems are no longer PC dependent
  • No worries about a virus or bug affecting your systems and databases
  • Centralize and simplify printing with a private cloud solution utilizing Microsoft EZPrint
  • Access your applications from anywhere

Why iSectra?

  • We have successfully implemented a private cloud solution for a one billion dollar company in the shortest timelines at the best prices – bragging rights!
  • We utilize Microsoft Technologies for this – see why this is the best solution for your business and ask to see the ROI calculator
  • We always say – Just ask our customers

Hybrid Cloud – iSHA


Why iSectra?

We are certified by Microsoft for managing your business on the Microsoft Public Cloud. It will be seamless to you and your organization. You will simply reap the benefits of moving your business to the Microsoft cloud. And as with other services – we have excellent references – just ask our customers!

Public Cloud

Leverage our MANAGED SERVICES and expertize in your business by migrating your systems, documents, emails and network to the Microsoft Public Cloud.





Most businesses use our Hybrid Cloud Solution keeping some of their systems in a Private Cloud and moving the rest to the Public Cloud. Contact us and we will take it from there to create a solution for your business.

IPM – iSectra Pharma Manager


Pharmaceutical Ventures have different IT needs. If you are a pharma company and your IT service provider is not giving you the solution you need we can help. In a BIG way. IPM is our solution for your business. IPM is a complete cloud based IT system where your documents, systems, webservers and even your PCs are in the “cloud”. This allows you to concentrate on your research, tests, drug release and documentation.

  • Always have access to your documents, anywhere, anytime on any device – iPhones, Androids, iPads, Laptops
  • Generate offline access before you leave wi-fi hotspots in case you have no internet access at your destination
  • Distributed offices – international offices, travels – always have your office one login away!
  • Your systems, documents, PCs are always backed-up in our state of the art, certified NOC
  • With IPM the only thing you lose is the worry!
  • Our customers cannot imagine an office without IPM ! Ask us and we will provide you direct references.

Resource from Microsoft


  • Maximum control with the private cloud
  • Maximum agility and scalability with the public cloud
  • Get the best of both by extending private to public


  • Take existing resources and skills to the private and public cloud
  • Use a single toolset to manage traditional and cloud environments
  • Use a common identity infrastructure to mitigate risk
  • Use a common platform to maximize IT and developer efficiency


  • Deliver business-class experiences across the PC, mobile devices, and browser
  • Provide the latest tools without the maintenance burden
  • Connect users no matter where they are in easy, natural ways online

Why iSectra?

We have implemented several Hybrid Cloud solutions across different markets and industries. Our own offices run on a Hybrid cloud architecture which allows us to collaborate across multiple locations, worldwide. We make your business mobile, reliable, scalable and most of all worry free from IT woes and IT providers that promise but fail to deliver.