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Your organization needs to stay competitive. Businesses today are tasked to do more with less. iSectra is a qualified and experienced vCIO/IT consultant firm that can offer on-demand talent, depth of experience, relevant resources and economies of scale. These services allow small businesses to receive both peace of mind and affordable professional-class vCIO/IT service.

Thinking about hiring an external IT staff? Here’s why you should consider iSectra.

You Focus on Your Business – Not IT

When you hire an IT consultant, you spend time doing what you do best: running your organization. The tasks associated with maintaining or implementing a new IT infrastructure can create unnecessary strain on your business. You can save critical resources and valuable time by outsourcing this function. Having iSectra on your side provides you direct access to the certifications, resources and expertise to monitor, maintain and employ new systems that keep your infrastructure running without interfering with your business goals.

Tap Into High-End Expertise and Specialized Talent

When you hire iSectra, you are tapping into a team of knowledge and resources. Our staff has already invested in education, certifications and technologies to provide you with the expertise needed to maintain your network. You leverage our investment by getting the best rates, best service and broad range of IT systems that were never available to your in-house team members.

Reducing Overhead and Operational Costs

Partnering with iSectra enables you to turn your unpredictable, reactive, unmanaged IT environment into a predictable, proactive, managed IT solution. Your business can eliminate costly overhead related to recruiting, training, sick days, turnover costs, added salary, increased benefit packages and management costs. For a fraction of those costs, iSectra can provide your organization with fixed and cost-effective services within a budget that cannot be matched by having in-house staff.


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