Ask our customers – they will tell you!

It's all about support

We have implemented the industry standard ticketing and support system called AutoTask in our organization. With AutoTask we are able to queue your support requests efficiently and resolve them in the order and priority we receive them. With AutoTask we are able to provide you SLA and resolution status reports so you know that you are always receiving the best service from our support group.

We ensure that your calls and support requests remain as Priority ONE in our business acumen. We have ticketing systems and you as our customer can pick up the phone and reach one of our trained engineers or email and IM the engineer that is assigned to your projects/company. We are proud of our support and this sets us apart from our competition.

Ask our customers – they will tell you!

Lindsey Rey


“We could not be happier with iSectra. They always comes through in critical situations with a professional and positive attitude. Their knowledge and ability has exceeded our expectations!”

Nick DiMaio

President & CEO

“Our team at Karalex is extremely pleased with the support that iSectra has provided to us. We worked with iSectra when we started our company to identify all of our IT requirements. iSectra quickly understood the needs of our business and was able to design an IT platform that completely supported our business needs. Also, the service that iSectra has provided to us on a continuing basis has been excellent. We would highly recommend the services of iSectra for any new or established company looking for support on their IT needs.”

Russell Kennedy

President & CEO

“iSectra provided us with an outstanding IT consultant with a good business mind. They understand the need for "real world" solutions to business problems. iSectra is resourceful and their engineers know how to find answers to problem in the business process and makes good use of resources to offer solutions that work for your business.”

James B. Cosgrove


“I count iSectra as my most knowledgeable and reliable vendor. Every day, consistency in I.T. operations becomes more and more essential to the functioning of my organization. Setting us up with a VPN streamlined my communication capability and gave me access to my business documents from anywhere at any time. As an administrator, it is a great relief to know that we are in such competent and trustworthy hands.”

Craig S. Peligri, CPA


“iSectra has been the best IT Service firm that my company has ever used. Their prompt and courteous staff is a pleasure to deal with and their computer knowledge is second to none. I have referred iSectra to other companies and they have also been extremely happy with their service.”

Donna Kolsky, MA, CRC,CDMS, CCM


“As a client of iSectra for the past four years, I would like to convey that iSectra has proven to me what an outstanding problem solver their engineers are as well as being articulate in providing innovative options in order to keep our company on the cutting edge of computer technology for our business. They are patient and unwilling to let go of any unresolved problems we may incur. I greatly appreciate their diligence and solid work ethic. iSectra comes HIGHLY recommended by us.”

Susan Grasso

Office Manager

“Our company has been in business for 28 years. Approximately 4 years ago we were introduced to iSectra by our Accountant who claimed that they were extremely proficient in this field, and that we might want to hear what they thought of our existing computer system. Needless to say we were very reluctant and not at all comfortable about changing our “computer guy” not knowing what kind of service and attention we would be getting after being with our previous computer expert for so long.

iSectra diligently surveyed our system and recommended some changes and updates in order to suit our needs. They assured us that our transition would be seamless and painless. We took the leap and have had no regrets.

iSectra Engineers are very knowledgeable, helpful, attentive, patient and polite. Most importantly they are extremely efficient. iSectra has saved our company many man hours by troubleshooting problems remotely from their office. Their work and excellent performance has made our company run efficiently and smoothly. I would highly recommend iSectra for all your computer needs.”