We focus on IT Services for the Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences Industry

About Us

Our Primary Focus is Pharma

Since 2006 we have been focusing on supporting the Technology needs of the Pharmaceutical Industry. One of our early customers trusted us with their IT department when they were a startup with 2 employees. Since then we have helped them become a public listed company, managing their entire technology portfolio, infrastructure and technology compliance. We are their IT department. Since then we have replicated this to other Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Organizations. Our deep domain experience has made us one of the very few IT companies that knows how to manage the technology of this industry that has unique needs in technology, infrastructure and IT compliance.

We Serve Other Industries

We are not a traditional Managed Service Provider (MSP). MSPs have their place in the technology industry, but most of them treat customers as number of nodes to manage. At iSectra we align our strategy with the strategy of our customers. We learn their industry, operations, supply chains and design IT services using our proven tools and technologies. We call it “iSectraizing
your business. In most cases we become the IT department of our customers. Ever since we have started since 2006, we have never lost a customer unless they stopped operations. Industries where we have replicated our models are Building & Real Estate, Telecom, Media among others.

Our Mission

We align our mission and vision with that of the industries and customers we serve, empowering them with best-practice, worry-free technologies in their niche and their markets.

Our Vision

Our vision is to continuously invest in education, people, processes and innovation as it pertains to Information Technology so that our customers can reap from all the benefits.

We are Customer-First

Every iSectran takes an oath of living a customer-first life. Every company says they put their customers first, but oftentimes they do not when the customer is not in-front of them. We take our #1 value seriously and with pride. No matter what we do, we always think of our customers first – how will any and all decisions affect our customers today and tomorrow.

We are Always Available

We are ALWAYS available when our customers need us. IT companies are notorious for stringent Service Level Agreements in their contracts. At iSectra we believe that SLAs are only as good as our ability to help our customer at the very moment they have issues with the systems they use to do their work. We use our LEAN methodologies to ensure our customers never have to wait to hear from us when they need help.

We Believe in Empathy

Every iSectran knows that our customers mostly call us at a time when they are having issues. We know it can be stressful and so we ensure we do not add to the stress by reacting to situations. We talk politely on the phone no matter what the situation is and as we resolve our customers’ issues deftly, we bring cheer with our wit and humor. Many times, our customers love to call us just for that.

We are Drama-Free

We believe that drama causes loss in productivity. Our value wall has a saying “take it outside and come back only when you can shake hands and laugh it out”. Our customers love our drama-free value and they look forward to talking to us – many times it is not even about technology. We are there to help them through anything they need help with.

We Live By These

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

We are Continuously Learning. Our Customers trust us to the core. They entrust us with their technology, infrastructure and intellectual property. We understand the responsibility and accountability that comes with this. To ensure we can confidently live up to this, we invest heavily in continuous learning – attending webinars, updating certifications, reading journals and talking to industry stalwarts – both in our and our customer’s industries.

We believe in being LEAN – avoiding waste of all kinds. Our internal processes, monitoring systems and management philosophies adhere to the LEAN principles – this allows us to be extremely efficient for our customers.

Industry Focus At A Glance

Our Domain Expertise

Our deep focus and knowledge of the Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences industry sets us apart from the Managed Service Providers who support nodes and do not understand the complexity and regulatory requirements of this industry’s Infrastructure and Technological needs. We also focus on the Real Estate development & Building Industry. Our well-defined, lean process also lends to generality as we support Local Governments, Publication, local Healthcare, Media, Packaging, Telecom, Accounting, Tax & Law Offices.

Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences
Real Estate & Building Industry
Local Government
Other Industries

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