We focus on IT Services for the Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences Industry

We Leverage Investments To Acquire IT Assets And Transform Them Into Exponential Returns For Our Investors

We are focused on acquiring IT Services companies, MSPs over the next 5 years and bring them into our Shared Services and Best Practices. If you are looking to discuss investment opportunities, risks, and returns, please schedule a call with our Chief Investment Officer, Roni Banerjee


Continuously searching & building our database of IT Assets, Companies to acquire

Discovering & discussing with business owners the risks & returns of merging into our ecosystem

Executing acquisitions of assets through detailed due diligence and transition planning

Merging of assets into the iSectra ecosystem, leveraging shared services & realizing quick, exponential returns

IT Asset Acquisition
Sell Your IT Company & Be a Part of a Fun Group

Are you a Managed Service Provider or an IT Services company that is looking for an exit? You do not need to hire expensive investment bankers or inexperienced business brokers. Please reach out to our Investment Group. We will help you to exit your business through valuation, due diligence, legal representation, closing, transition and finally merging with us or separation if you so choose. Why not have a dialog with our Investment Group?

Our Team

Our Investment Group is chaired by former CFOs, CIOs, CTOs and CEOs of IT organizations. We are technologists at heart, investors at the core, but above all we are a team who believe that good business happens when good people come together.

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