We focus on IT Services for the Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences Industry

We are a large ecosystem of Business Leaders, Transformation Consultants and Technology Engineers

Over the last 15+ years we have built a large ecosystem of consultants who work with us to bring industry-changing solutions for our customers. Together we have built IT Departments of Startups that have gone on to become Large Corporates. We have thrived together. Want to learn more about what we do together?


We take an oath of living a customer-first life. Everything we do or decide, we think of how it effects our customers.​

Continuous Learning

We invest heavily in continuous learning. We attend webinars, update certifications, read journals & network continuously.

High Availability

We are ALWAYS available when our customers need us. Customers never have to wait to hear from us.

Lean Principles

We believe in being LEAN – avoiding waste of all kinds. This allows us to be extremely efficient for our customers.​

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We have 100s of projects that are ongoing at any given time. You can be a part of our ecosystem if you believe if our mission, vision & our values. Let’s discuss how we can help our customers, partners & collaborate together.

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Our Values

  • We live a Customer-First life
  • We believe in Continuous Learning
  • We live by Lean Principles
  • We are a Drama Free company
  • We adhere to High Availability
  • We believe in Empathy
  • We practice Charity & Goodwill

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