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Communications Support

What It Entails

Most companies often struggle with effectively managing multiple network service providers, segregated data, voice and video solutions, and complex network topologies for diverse operational requirements while controlling costs and security risks. Communications infrastructure management may not be your strongest suit, but it is ours.  

Our Objective

Our LAN support specialists offer end-to-end skills and capabilities for managing your communications and collaboration environments—from software and hardware upgrades to installing firewalls and routers. We make sure that network glitches like latency and bottlenecks never get in the way of your internal teams collaborating on novel drugs, diagnostics, and treatments. We conveniently and cost-effectively manage your communications, leaving more room for you to pursue your business goals.

Communications Support

Tailor-Made Strategy

Customized Communications Support

Our customized communications strategy & support include:

  • 24x7x365 LAN communications infrastructure monitoring and support
  • LAN hardware/software upgrades
  • Installing, configuring, and maintaining firewalls, VPNs, routers, switches, hubs, and cables.
  • Network diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Documentation
  • Migration support for unified and agile communication and collaboration solutions

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Email & Internet Support

Scheduled and ad-hoc support for internet connectivity and hosted business email solutions

Strategic IT Planning

Align business objectives to IT initiatives & investments

Technology Compliance

Be compliant with all your IT infrastructure, systems and processes

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