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Device Management

Our Objective

From regular maintenance tasks—backups and upgrades—to testing and troubleshooting problems, device and network management can strain your pharmaceutical company and delay mission-critical tasks. iSectra provides a comprehensive device and network services to make sure that your organization’s endpoint devices and computer network are functioning as they should.

Device Management
Device Management

Tailor-Made Strategy

Device Management

Our end-to-end Device Management services include

  • Device/desktop/laptop support for standalone PCs and related software and peripherals—desktop/laptop system repairs, upgrades, OS imaging and deployment, configurations, software/hardware diagnostics, documentation, PC cleaning, shifting PCs, adding/removing devices from the network, changing settings and related services.
  • Application Support—software upgrades, installations, configurations, bug-fixes, diagnostics, optimization, documentation maintenance, training, and related services.
  • Desktop Peripherals Support—resolving connectivity issues, configurations, hardware/software upgrades, repairs, diagnostics, documentation, training, and related services.
  • Printer Support—printer maintenance, installation, configuration, diagnostics, troubleshooting, and related services.
  • Network Support for networked PCs and multi-user applications—operating system and all other software/hardware upgrades, installations, configurations, network diagnostics, maintenance of cabling, switches, firewalls, WAPs, and other equipment.

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Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

24X7 uptime, 365 days of the year

IT Procurement

Vendor Management, Procurement of all technology resources.

Project Management

We take 100% accountability for on-time, on-budget and at scope for all technology projects

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