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Communications Support

What It Entails

Your internal data cabling infrastructure is the backbone supporting your organization’s entire network and communications. At iSectra, we know how important high-performing data cabling is for faster, more efficient, and uninterrupted work and collaboration. Our cabling support enables you to focus on what you do best—while we take care of your day-to-day cabling management, troubleshooting, and documentation.

Our Objective

From initial layout and design to implementation to maintenance, our engineers and technicians help you make better decisions so that your cabling infrastructure ensures maximum uptime, scalability to support business growth, and the flexibility to adapt to future technologies and equipment. We follow industry recommended best-practices and properly label and document subsystems for compliance and faster troubleshooting.
Internal Data Cabling
Data Cabling

Organization & Maintainability

Data Cabling Services

Our On-Premise Data Cabling Services include:

  • Laying category 5 cable runs
  • Wall jacks and end plugs installation
  • Tailored management and maintenance plans for data cabling
  • Troubleshooting data cabling problems
  • Maintaining standard cabling documentation

We Solve Real Problems

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Protocol Analysis Support

Ensure optimal bandwidth utilization, faster troubleshooting, and proactive threat identification and mitigation

Communications Support

Maintain uninterrupted communications, data confidentiality, and HIPAA compliance with expert communications support

Email & Internet Support

Scheduled and ad-hoc support for internet connectivity and hosted business email solutions

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