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What It Entails

Stringent regulations, high stakeholder expectations, and lack of category expertise can make decision-making and procurement a nightmare. iSectra leverages market intelligence, deep category expertise, and leading-class BI and analytics tools for identifying opportunities for improving quality and driving bottom line benefits.

Our Objective

Based on our years of experience in procuring IT products and services for our clients, we have perfected our negotiation strategies and sourcing techniques for delivering rapid results and cost benefits. What sets us apart from our contemporaries is our commitment to making decisions that fully align with your company’s vision and goals. Our clients rely on us wholeheartedly for handling, streamlining, and optimizing their IT spends.
IT Procurement
Device Management

Technology & Infrastructure Management

Technology Procurement Services

We manage the purchase of all technology & infrastructure for our customers. Our services include:

  • Management of customer procurement of equipment and services
  • Interviewing and selecting vendors
  • Securing price quotes
  • Preparing and placing orders
  • Monitoring vendor compliance with client’s specifications following delivery
  • Recruiting specialty contractors and contractor headhunting

We Solve Real Problems

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Project Management

We take 100% accountability for on-time, on-budget and at scope for all technology projects

Issue Resolution

Premium IT support for resolving critical issues of severity level 1 and 2


Overcome technology-resistance and increase IT investment ROI through our friendly & comprehensive training services

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