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Internal Data Cabling

What It Entails

Whether you’re looking to purchase a new peripheral device or you suspect faulty hardware, iSectra provides end-to-end server peripheral support for acquiring, installing, configuring, and repairing hardware and software components. With so many types of peripheral devices and manufacturers to choose from, choosing the right combination or diagnosing a problem can be overwhelming. We understand that technology is not your forte, and it doesn’t have to be.

Our Objective

With the sole motivation of simplifying technology for our pharmaceutical clients, at iSectra, we help you with everyday problems with server peripherals—such as printers, scanners, photocopiers, monitors, and load balancers—whether they stem from misconfigurations, malware infections, or hardware faults. Our support engineers and technicians use LEAN methodologies to provide quick and efficient services—with minimal time and resource utilization.
Network Administration
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Tailor-Made Strategy

Customized Server Peripheral Strategy

Engage iSectra for our best-in-class server peripheral support, including:
  • Installing and configuring internal and external hardware components and drivers.
  • Upgrading hardware/software, including bug-fixes and repairs
  • Identifying and removing device and driver conflict issues
  • Support and diagnostics for printers and scanners
  • Addressing connectivity issues

We Solve Real Problems

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Internal Data Cabling Support

Experience always-on connectivity and future-proof your business with structured cabling infrastructure

Protocol Analysis Support

Ensure optimal bandwidth utilization, faster troubleshooting, and proactive threat identification and mitigation

Communications Support

Maintain uninterrupted communications, data confidentiality, and HIPAA compliance with expert communications support

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