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Overcome technology-resistance and make the most out of your IT investments by training your staff on the right usage

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What It Entails

IT systems are as efficient and applications as effective as the end-users using them. As technology permeates all departments across pharmaceutical companies, employee hesitation could be the biggest roadblock in your digital transformation journey—preventing your company from truly experiencing the technology leverage.

Our Objective

iSectra’s managed IT services include a comprehensive training program to familiarize your employees with the systems and applications they may come across while performing their everyday tasks. Developed by professionals with real industry experience, formal training programs by iSectra train your employees on new systems, cutting-edge technologies, and best practices for appropriate use of technology while focusing on cybersecurity, regulatory and the compliance landscape.
Device Management

Comprehensive End-User Training

Training on Usage of Technology

Our training programs and follow-ups are designed to be easily understandable even for employees with minimal IT knowledge. They include:
  • Multiple training methods—in-person, webinar, video demonstrations.
  • Guidance on how to use technologies
  • Best practices for data security and privacy
  • Up-to-date knowledge of the cybersecurity threat landscape
  • Interactive demos—such as phishing simulations
  • Scheduled refresher training programs

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Server Application Support

Gain strategic value and measurable ROI with highly available, optimally performing server applications

Server Peripheral Support

Take the hassle out of utilizing and managing server peripherals for your staff

Internal Data Cabling Support

Experience always-on connectivity and future-proof your business with structured cabling infrastructure

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