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    IT Support

    iSectra takes care of your network and all your devices 365x24x7. With 2 decades of experience across USA, serving 300+ customers, iSectra Engineers are continuously investing in education so you do not have to.

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    IT Consulting

    iSectra provides consulting as part of its services to all its customers. Other companies’ package this as vCIO services and upcharge their customers. All of these services are included in our 1 monthly guaranteed contract.

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    IT Asset Management

    As part of our services, we manage all your business assets, all your hardware and software. All in 1 monthly guaranteed price. We are your IT Department for hire at afraction of the cost.

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    Internet & Websites

    iSectra provides High-Speed Business Internet Services and Website Hosting in our own world-class data centers with 24x7 monitoring and industry-standard redundancy. Say bye-bye to bad service from those big national providers.

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We are your “True” IT Department

We believe and know that the IT Support industry is broken. Instead of empowering businesses with Technology, IT Service companies & MSPs fear-monger to buy support and products. For the last two decades, we have been on a successful mission to fix this, one company at a time.

No contracts, no obligations
We are an all-American Company

Our Leadership Team on Why and How
we are disrupting the IT Support Industry

Watch Damian Colarte, CEO of iSectra talk about why he started iSectra, his motivations, his beliefs and how he grew the company to where it is today, the fastest growing Virtual IT Department for Hire in the country.


Connect with Damian on LinkedIn

Watch Bob Larsen, COO of iSectra talk about why he joined iSectra, about his beliefs in customer service and how he manages and grows the Operations of iSectra, prioritizing the personal touch and care that every one at iSectra bring to every single customer.


Connect with Bob on LinkedIn

Watch Roni Banerjee, CMO & Investment Officer of iSectra talk about why he joined iSectra, about why he believes the IT Services industry is broken and how iSectra is disrupting this industry to better serve customers. 


Connect with Roni on LinkedIn

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"iSectra provided us with outstanding IT management with excellent business acumen. They understand the need for "real world" solutions to business problems. iSectra is resourceful and their engineers know how to find answers to problem in the business process and makes good use of resources to offer solutions that work for your business."

Jan Bečev | Project Manager, Medicem
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Unlike MSPs, and other IT Service companies we never upsell other vendor systems. We are just like an in-house IT department, except at a fraction of the cost.

Rocket launch icon representing personalized IT support

Personalized Support

We believe IT support should be 365x24x7. You get with Senior Technicians. No level 1, level 2, no extra charge for off-hours or holidays.

Icon showing IT support engineer with a headset

24x7 Uptime and Monitoring

Our systems proactively monitor your network and all your devices, 365x24x7, shield from attacks, updated with the latest patches, and keeping them compliant to your industry.

Completely Transparency

We do not upsell vendors. We solve your business problems as your IT Department.

We are not a traditional Managed Service Provider. We do everything that MSPs do, but we also we align our IT support and support with the business mission strategy of our customers. MSPs treat customers as number of nodes to manage, upselling vendor systems and profiting from them. We work as your inhouse IT Department, partnering with you to solve your business problems with cutting edge technology at a fraction of the cost.

iSectra Data Center in Jacksonville, FL

Our data center in Jacksonville, FL

Santialog Aristizabal-3

Santiago Aristizabal, Engineering Team

Personalized Support

Expert Guidance Whenever You Need It.

Everyone at iSectra is a Level 3 IT Engineer. All our Executives are hands-on techs, and we only hire Engineers who have 3+ years of experience with proper certifications. Our support is 24x7, nights, weekends, all Holidays. We are a phone call, email, or text away. If needed, we can be at your office to support your business. We never outsource work. We are proudly an all-American company.

24x7 Monitoring

We monitor, support, and maintain all your devices. You can view them online anytime.

  • End to end device and network management 365x24x7.

  • Every type of device is monitored, secured, updated and supported.

  • We respond in minutes and not hours and days like most IT companies.

  • We are open 24 x 7, 365 days a year

Azariel Israel White Background

Azariel Israel, Engineering Team

iSectra Microsoft Silver Small and Mid market Cloud Solutions Provider Certification

Along with Microsoft, our most valuable partnership, we are Partners & Certified with most Industry standard platforms.

IT as your Business Partner

Does Your Technology Help You Grow or Hold You Back?

Do your computers, phones, laptops, printers, network, and IT systems empower your business? If the answer is not a big Yes, you must talk to us. Especially if you are a small business. Small business needs all the tools and support that larger companies have to compete. We provide everything that larger companies have at a fraction of the cost, at a set monthly price and at world-class, industrystandard service.

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"Great Staff of Knowledgeable Professionals with a passion for customer service that exceeds all expectations."

Devin Stern | VP, Total Business Systems

Explore all our Services

Browse through all the services we provide. All of these services are included in one monthly bundle for all our customers

24x7 Monitoring of all your business devices
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Office 365 implementation & administration
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24x7 Helpdesk, End user & all device support
See More
All your data backed up in the cloud or to our own data centers
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Managed Phone Systems – personalized support & less pricey than national providers
See More
Cybersecurity - planning, implementation, administration, penetration tests, regulatory
See More
All Hardware & Software Procurement
See More
Enterprise Software Support
See More
vCIO & IT Consulting
See More
Disaster Recovery Planning, Testing & Execution
See More
Business Continuity Planning, Testing & Execution
See More
Regulatory Compliance - HIPPA, SOX, CMMC, NIST
See More
IT Audits
See More
Managed Internet Service – personalized support & less pricey than national providers
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Website Hosting - 99.9% uptime with backups & redundancies in our data center
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No Contract, No obligation Trial. See if we are good fit for your business.

Book a no-obligation consultation with one of our Engineers (not a Salesperson). We will learn about your business, your current IT challenges and come back with a 1-month trial plan within 48 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Price Your Services?

We start with a free consultation to learn about your business. We use industry standard frameworks to map out your business environment (markets, customers, suppliers, employees, partners, competition, marketing channels, sales, research & development, manufacturing, operations, financials, regulatory & compliance systems). Based on that we assess your current technology and use our best practices to build out your technology needs and roadmap. Finally, we present you with a proposal. Our contracts are monthly retainers. We work with you to build a long-term relationship. So, if we are a good fit for each other, we always make it work within your constraints.

Why Are You Different Than MSPs?

Managed Service Providers treat your business as “nodes”. Each device, server, endpoint to the internet is a node and they ensure each node is running optimally at all times. While that is a popular IT Services mode, we do not believe that is the best ROI of technology spent. Technology has a prime seat at Board Rooms and is no longer a server-room entity. As such we focus on aligning our solutions & contracts with your business drivers.

What If We Do Not Need All Your Services?

While we believe every business needs all the services we provide – an end-to-end IT and Infrastructure Management, we do not expect you to pay for services you do not use. As such we build our service agreements after we both understand the risks, cost of ownerships and expected returns.

How Do You Onboard Customers?

During the initial discovery we build out a technology roadmap. The roadmap has implementation plans, costs, schedules, quality & risk management. When we start our first order of business is to ensure you are up and running 24x7x365. We then go step by step to bring you up to industry best practices, 100% compliant and under our “worry-free” IT services.

Are you More expensive?

No. If you compare the total cost of ownership of technology – contract costs, cost of downtime, cost of risk, cost of being non-compliant, cost of lost productivity because of non-responsive IT resources – we will always come out cheaper than other IT Companies and MSPs.

Can You Support Us Remotely?

Our 15+ years of experience and investment in tools have allowed us to support you remotely, thereby saving time, money, resources which we always pass back to our customers. If on-site visit is required, we always come out to you.

Are You Compliant?

We have 2 decades of experience in IT supporting regulatory compliance for various industries. Examples of some of the compliance frameworks we support are IPAA, SOX, CMMC, NIST.

All Other Questions

We are happy to answer any other question for you. Why not hit us up with any technology question? Call us, text us, chat with us or just go to our Contact Us Page.

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