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Scheduled and ad-hoc support for internet connectivity and hosted business email solutions

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Email Support

What It Entails

The internet and an email system are crucial for business communications, R&D collaboration, information sharing, and customer interactions—all that is at the heart of every business operation. A lot goes behind the scenes for continuous connectivity and setting up and securing email systems, which you shouldn’t have to worry about. 

Our Objective

Unlike MSPs who are notorious for their systematic dealings and one-size-fits-all services, we work hand in gloves with you to assess your unique requirements and challenges before offering tailored services for business internet and email consultation and support. We help you choose the right ISPs, business internet packages, and hosted email solutions for your company. And whenever a problem surfaces, we jump right into solving it, well before it becomes urgent.
Messaging Support
Email Support

Always On Availability

Email & Internet Uptime Support

Our Email & Internet Support Services include
  • Connectivity support between the network routers to the network servers and all endpoint devices and workstations.
  • Hardware/software upgrades, maintenance, and support
  • Troubleshooting internet and email issues
  • Billing and self-serve support
  • Complete visibility and control over data through state-of-the-art monitoring tools
  • Compliance support for data security and integrity
  • Support for creating internet and email acceptable use policy

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Strategic IT Planning

Align business objectives to IT initiatives & investments

Technology Compliance

Be compliant with all your IT infrastructure, systems and processes

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Your worry-free IT department and scale with you as you grow

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