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Issue Resolution

What It Entails

A critical issue is the one that prevents the execution of day-to-day business operations and has no reasonable workaround. It could be a problem with any hardware or software component for the network that:
(i) Denies system-wide access to servers and devices—such as users being unable to access the internet or devices like network printers
(ii) Causes or seriously threatens the loss of valuable data
(iii) Causes prolonged network downtime.

Our Objective

If one of your high-priority assets or a mission-critical application goes down, the impact can be felt across all organizational departments working in tandem. iSectra’s technicians leverage best-of-breed tools combined with industry-specific expertise to resolve critical issues without significantly impacting your company’s bottom line. Beyond providing consistent SLAs, we stay in tune with your business needs, extending support right when you need it regardless of the day or time. Our customers appreciate our team’s witty sense of humor and laid-back approach for de-escalating tricky, stressful situations.
Device Management

Industry Best-Practices for you

Critical Issue Resolution Strategy

iSectra’s technical support team follows all industry best practices for resolving high-severity issues. Our issue resolution services include:
  • Assigning dedicated resources for developing and implementing an immediate fix or a workaround
  • Around-the-clock availability until critical operations resume
  • Performing root cause analysis
  • Addressing the actual problem and performing configuration changes, installing software patches, or acquiring new hardware as required
  • Tracking and documenting problem trends to reduce the frequency of critical issues and improve service levels

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